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How you call Lace on your language ?

I am passionate about everything related to lace . I like to make it, advertise it and enjoy looking at it all the time .

I also like to teach and since I am professional Russian language teacher , I will use this opportunity in my blogs and with every blog I post I will teach you a new word!

Today’s word is Lace . In Russian we call it ( kruzevo) кружево, ( merezivo) мереживо is a Ukrainian version .

How it would be on your language ? just type the word in comments and put in brackets how to say it in English 🙂

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Mom’s blues….

Being a mom is like having full time job with overtime all evenings and weekends and receive compensation as a volunteer …

I like to tatt and listen the blues to relieve stress and tension from the day

This baby blue thread brings me a lot of fun just to look at it , feel it I’m my hands and I created fun artifacts from it .

Hope you like them 🙂

This is how I make magic !

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Mother’s Day Specials

Mom's day Sale!

Another holiday to celebrate and you deserve to look stunning ! This new set of earrings and choker will make the world go round !


Baby Blues Mom’s Gift

Beautiful set of Earrings and Choker necklace made in tatting technique from lavsan thread and rose gold glass beads. Earrings size : H 7″ x W 6″ Free shipping in USA